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i know i was born and i know that i'll die, the in between is mine.


“America (Burnt/Unburnt)” by Claire Fontaine

U.S.A. (burnt/unburnt) is a 2011 installation by Paris-based artist Claire Fontaine constructed from thousands of green matches that were inserted into a wall at the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art as part art of “Evidence of Bricks” at the 2011 Time-Based Art Festival. Fontaine has made somewhat of a name for herself with her match installations and flaming geography, most recently completing a similar U.S.A. map at Queens Nails Gallery in San Francisco.

Photography: Dan Kvitka.

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“1,000 Roses for Zweibrücken” by Ottmar Hörl

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Delicate plastic sculpture work by artist Daniel Arsham. Though the web site labels the materials as “plastic” my hunch would be these are ping pong balls that have been dyed and somehow adhered into these incredible structures.

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Instalações na floresta por Gabriel Dawe

Forest Installations by Gabriel Dawe

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